A  Note  to

First  Year  Students


This is where first years can feel reassured by the advice given by fellow English students!

"Always ask questions if you are confused. There is truly no such thing as a ‘wrong’ question."

"Communicate with your teaching assistant. It is super beneficial to go over content and receive clarification!"

"Don’t stress. Just try your best!"

"I definitely would emphasize talking to your T.As! I know for myself, I was intimidated and thought I would be taking up too much of their time, etc in first year. But they are literally there to help you succeed!"

"Reach out to clubs/organizations on campus that could strengthen your writing skills and offer a writers community such as Muse, HerCampus, The Journal, etc."

"Take the leap to highlight and write in your books! Obviously such a small piece of advice, but I honestly didn’t do this till last semester and I cannot believe what a difference it makes when you write papers later on!"

"Owl Purdue is your friend for citations!"

"check out Textbook for sale to save money, as there are upper years who will sell their past books and anthologies!"

"I found that if you’re overwhelmed with the size of a reading, such as a whole play, that it helps to divide up the page numbers and have a set goal to read each day instead of overwhelming yourself and doing it all in one day. Dividing it up also helps you make better notes because your focused on set sections."

"Don’t be afraid to talk to your professors! They hold office hours for this exact reason and they always love having the opportunity to get to know students! Build a relationship with them, you might end up having them for multiple courses and it’s always nice to be able to chat with them/ask questions (plus if/when you apply for grad school you’ll have references ready to go!)"

"Don’t punish yourself for getting lower grades than you usually got in high school. It’s first year, everything is new and it’s a completely understandable circumstance. Don’t shoot yourself down for something you could’ve done better on, but learn to take steps further to excel and be proud of what you’re writing (for English and students) or doing."