Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “DSC”? How can I be involved?

DSC stands for Department Student Council.  Queen's University prides itself on having strong student governments, the oldest in the country. Your DSC provides a connection between you and the English Faculty by throwing events such as Tea with Prof's, Trivia Night and the English Gala. In addition, your DSC facilitates sessions to learn about English majors, to improve your writing (regardless of department), to meet with upper year mentors and so much more. Each year, the new English Co-Presidents are elected by you, the students. When the election is over, they will disseminate applications for the various positions on DSC and conduct interviews (check out our "Meet the DSC" page for all positions on council). This is generally done in the winter term around the end of March, beginning of April. Department Student Council

If you want to be involved in DSC but don't want to be a part of the DSC committee, you can join as a class representative! Your professor will ask for one at the beginning of each semester. 

I’m interested in majoring in English, where can I find more information?

You can explore our DSC website, send an email to the English DSC at engl.dsc@asus.queensu.ca, or head to the official Queen's University English Language and Literature website to learn more! http://www.queensu.ca/english/home

Keep an eye on our events page (DSC News) to see what events are going on around campus where you can learn more about our department and what makes it so special! 

I want to be an English Major. What classes do I need to take? 
If you are in a BAH, you need 120 credits in total to graduate. 

If your MAJOR is English, you need: 60 units of ENGL courses. As well as 60 units from electives.The following being required in each year:
In first year you need to take ENGL 100
In second year, you need to take ENGL 200 & ENGL 290 (seminar). You only need one 290 course, it does not matter which semester you take it in, so choose the one that is most exciting to you!
In third year, you need to take ONE full-year ENGL course from 305-339; ONE full-year ENGL course from 340-359; and ONE full-year ENGL course from 360-389.  For example, you could have 321, 356, and 360 in your shopping cart on solus along with your other third year electives. Remember, all of these courses will be 6.0 credits each.
In fourth year, you need to take FIVE fourth year seminars, so 15.0 credits in total. At least ONE must be from 405-459, and another be from 460-499. For example, you can have 451, 482, 481, 441, and 452 in your shopping cart. 

** For all option courses, we suggest you head to the English Department Website

I'm graduating and have no idea what to do. How can I get some help?

First off, you are not alone. Many people across all faculties ask this same question! You have many options ahead of you, but here are a few more just in case you need some help starting your search.
1) Head over to Career Services at Queen's!  (Located in Gordon Hall, 3rd floor, 74 Union Street) They have a lot of resources that can aid in your search. 

2) Start networking with people in your community
3) Sign up to some job posting websites. If you want to get a head start, begin applying to jobs in the fall term.
4) Look out for alumni connections in your area of interest! While you're here, be sure to check out our "Why English?" page to see some of the career paths Queen's U English alum have followed post-grad!

I’m not an English student but I’m interested in an English course, what’s open to me?

English courses are not just for students in English programs! Studying English is a means of learning about history, language, sociology, gender, anthropology, development studies and more. As a non-English student, you may take English at a 100 or 200 level as an elective, with the exclusion of second year seminar classes (ENGL290s).

You'll find annual course offerings listed here: http://www.queensu.ca/english/undergraduate-program/english-undergraduate-courses

Are there any writing specific courses available in the department?

Queen's is lucky to have seasoned authors and poets, Armand Garnet Ruffo and Carolyn Smart, teaching here at Queen's. The Department of English offers several undergrad courses in creative writing for qualified students. All creative writing courses may count toward all English Plans, but you do not have to be registered in an English Plan to take these courses! Because our creative writing courses take an intensive workshop approach, they are limited-enrolment courses for which students may not pre-register. Instead, admission is by permission of the instructor, based on an assessment of a portfolio of samples of your creative work.

Learn more here: http://www.queensu.ca/english/undergraduate-program/creative-writing-0

I would love extra support on English papers, essays ext. - who can help me improve?

If you are in your first year here at Queen's, the English DSC runs a program called English Buddies. In this program we will pair your up with an upper year student who you can meet with throughout the year to work on questions you might have in your classes. In the past, students have met with their buddy when they are working on an essay to obtain guidance with their thesis or MLA formatting. 

You can also make an appointment with the writing centre at Student Academic Success Services (SASS)! http://sass.queensu.ca/

Above all, don't be afraid to reach out to your professors or TAs - office hours are a great resource and our incredible faculty members are truly invested in our success!

What on earth should I do with an English degree?

Take a look at our  “Why English” and “Student Voices” pages here on the website. We are going to be conducting interviews with past Queen's Alumni that may inspire you to follow similar paths. You can also reach out to Career Services who will help you begin networking and resumes! 

Our parents always tell us that we can do anything we set our minds to. It's cliché, but true! You can be in Law, Business (check out the Queen's Business Certificate), Human Resources, Education, Journalism, Global Development, and so much more. 


Can you think of a question that is missing from this? Send us an email at engl.dsc@asus.queensu.ca and we will include it!